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Should Grid Girls be Banned?

I don’t believe this I feel feminism is going to far of grid girls want to do what they do why should they not be allowed to I don’t get why feminist are so equality that they forget that the grid girls are people that enjoy their jobs

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Anthony Parton1 years ago
New owners are a US based company which are trying to lure a greater share of US audiences. It makes sense not to alienate a new broader US market with something as simple as a grid girl. The rest of the world watches F1. We will continue to watch it regardless of grid girls. Now they want the lucrative US market which requires a little more tact than flashy girls.
Derrick Wildey1 years ago
F1 are free to do whatever they want and employ whomever they want. This does have the appearance of heading off 'charges of offensiveness' before they've actually been made though. Perhaps there were thousands of complaints about grid girls flooding their inbox, or maybe something else is at play here. The fear of being 'perceived' as sexist, or racist, or bigoted etc is having an impact and not all of it is good. As far as the girls themselves are concerned, I feel very sorry for them - losing their jobs and being told 'how to be' in society by people who also claim to want to 'set them free'. There's an irony in there somewhere... Whilst I agree with the OP generally, this might not be a 'feminist' issue per se, but it might be a pre-emptive overreaction in the face of ever more present causes and activism.
Rival Read1 years ago
Yeah this is a pretty stupid decision. I didn't even see people complaining about Grid Girls. I always thought that sports deliberately played to stereotypes e.g. Men do dangerous stupid stuff, and girls watch them looking pretty. I get that it's 2018, but isn't there a better way to address this issue?
Jared Mclean1 years ago
It may have nothing to do with feminism and ethics... maybe by getting rid of grid girls the bogans won't be the only people who rock up to the v8's.. which means more money for big business
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Jeremy Williams1 years ago
While I agree that it seems to be overreaching, Formula 1 is a private institution, and ultimately they're entitled to do whatever they want. On the one hand they might be trying to save money by firing all the grid girls. Or maybe they believe that women were being objectified in a harmful way.