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Trump urges ban on 'bump stocks'.

After consultation with his attorney general, Donald Trump has made the move to ban bump stocks. A bump stock enables a regular semi automatic weapon to become a fully automatic weapon by harnessing the natural movement of a gun when it is fired.

For more information on bump stocks see this article

Is this this a good move? Is this the type of gun reform that is needed in the USA?

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Jeremy Williams1 years ago
While it's not the full amount of reform that is required, this is at least a step in the right direction and we should take what we can get in a system that is essentially rigged in favour of powerful lobby groups.
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Rival Read1 years ago
So they're banning a piece of plastic that attaches to the gun, but it's still more than okay to own the gun? What's the point of gun reform if it's not a restriction on the gun itself? It was the semi-automatic weapon that killed people in Vegas and other places, not the bump stock. Banning bump stocks won't change anything, which is probably why the NRA supports banning them.