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YouTube restores monetization and ads from Logan Paul's account.

After having been demonetized and having all ads removed from his account, Logan Paul has now had his monetization restored. For more info visit

Was this the right thing to do? Should monetization have been removed in the first place?

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RoamTravelShow .1 years ago
This whole thing is silly. The guy is an idiot, but if people don't like him they don't need to watch him. YouTube demonetizing things like this is silly. So long as advertisers want to put ads on his stuff he should get paid.
Rival Read1 years ago
He shouldn't have been demonetized in the first place. YouTube is an open platform and have said that they're committed to free speech. If they shut down people's source of revenue for making stupid mistakes (it was definitely a stupid mistake), then they essentially get to decide who gets to make a living from YouTube and who doesn't.
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News Media1 years ago
He hasn't really changed his behaviour, so why are they restoring monetization? Is it because YouTube needs him to be successful in order to earn more revenue? YouTube are just showing that their ban was a token move to quiet the people who rightfully pointed out that he shouldn't get money from advertisers for the type of content he produces.